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Ella&Il Azelia Padded Linen Jacket


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Azelia padded Linen Jacket





Rikke & Lene Holmen - Jensen to svigerinner som begge søkte etter perfekte basisplagg, de tok saken i egne hender og startet Ella&il

ella&il was established in 2014 and offers timeless designs for women of all ages. Behind the brand are the sisters-in-law Rikke & Lene Holmen-Jensen. The designer duo was looking for the perfect basic pieces, but when they couldn’t find what they were looking for they decided to take matter into their own hands. This was the start of an adventure and today ella&il is found in stores around the world. ella&il is characterized by garments with stylish and timeless designs that are designed to last. This is also essential in a world where it is more important to be sustainable. Behind each design lies a strong focus on the qualities that are used to help build a sustainable wardrobe. All of the garments are soft and comfortable to wear, and the designers spend endless hours finding the perfect cuts to suit all women.