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THIS IS HÉST Hést has captured both the Norwegian market and Norwegian hearts. Coming in full-throttle, with the unapologetic and determined force of being born out of a tragedy, Hést dares to offer a unique take on fashion. Guided by strong female leads, positive energy and intuition,

Hést has been creating empowering and inclusive pieces since 2019. Fashion should make you feel good. Through timeless and high-quality design, Hést’s collections aim to fit everybody and every body. People across generations and genders have fallen in love with Hést. Loyal customers and fans, as well as a selection of well-known faces, have now made sure that several of the Hést pieces already hold an unmistakable IT factor.

Last but not least, the Hést identity is not limited to perfection in quality and fit. Hést is just as much about that playful feeling of being unstoppable, of being unafraid to try something new, of daring to follow your dreams, of carving out your own path despite the social norms and rules society imposes on us. After all, that’s where it all started for us. Märtha Louise, Anne-Kari Bøhaugen & Monica Helen Sundt Utne.

Bilde av Hést Luna Cardigan White Bilde av Hést Luna Cardigan White


2.599,- 1.819,-
Bilde av Hést Shawl Beige Melange Bilde av Hést Shawl Beige Melange


2.799,- 1.959,-
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