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The journey of Untold Stories started in Oslo in 2017. Founded by Anne and Espen Børresen, with a vision to take a lifetime of fashion experience and create their own brand. They both grew up with the curiosity and love for craftmanship, with the aim to expand their creativity, they launched a ready-to-wear brand for women.

Just like our hometown, the dynamic and incomparable Oslo, we embrace what is different, innovative and unique. To us, design, quality and sustainability should go hand in hand.

Untold Stories is driven by details. Details tailored to create an effortless approach to daily wear, always aiming to hit a nerve or ignite a feeling. Inspired by the Scandinavian way of living, our clothes are created with a laid-back mix-it-up attitude, urging you to wear whatever makes you feel happy.

Every collection is a play on our Norwegian heritage and the inspiration we find encircling life; art, traveling and the people around us. We include this interpretation into the collections by the use of colors and a variety of styles.

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