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Art.nr: 4941G50B
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Hasla Letter necklace B with 50 cm gold plated silver chain.


Our take on the classic letter necklace is a petite, yet bold look. Wear the necklace alone, or layer it with other necklaces and chains to create your own look. The necklace and chain have a 1-micron gold plating.
Designed by Anne Hasla in 2021.

Anne and Gunnhild Hasla have figured out what makes a piece of jewelry more than something sparkling that hangs around your neck. By taking inspiration from the organic shapes of the Norwegian mountains and Pablo Picasso’s cubism, Hasla creates jewelry that makes you move closer and actually look.

The brand name stems from designer Anne Hasla and brand manager Gunnhild Hasla’s family name. As sisters, they work closely at the Hasla workshop in Valle. Valle is located in the south of Norway, where their family has lived for generations.

The workshop was established by Grete Fossen and Ørnulf Hasla in 1984. The sisters have been there ever since, drawing inspiration from the breathtaking surroundings and raw Norwegian nature. There is a clear Norwegian identity to Hasla, and while looking closely you might even see a little bit of Valle in the intricate designs.





Hasla is a Norwegian jewelry brand with a distinct Scandinavian imprint and a strong connection to handcraft. The name of our brand originates from our family name in the inland of Norway. Why we do what we do derives from our genuine belief in craftsmanship and quality and because we are just meant to make beautiful jewelry that people can love and wear for many years.
Great design starts with a thought-through visions and high quality, and this is at the core of our brand, and evident in everything we do. We aim to capture trends, but always with our own twist. When we add our knowledge and traditional craft to it, we are constantly refining our brand within this mix of opposites.
Our inspiration is often found in the wild Scandinavian nature, the lush forests and high open mountain landscape in the Norwegian inland. Our main production is done here, in our workshop and studio, where skilled silversmiths work side by side, inspiring each other, and creating a perfect mix of old and new. Though you can often see our inspiration taking cues from the organic forms around us, we are also contemporary and want to surprise and engage with innovative pieces.

This is our heritage and our family tradition. We live here. Now let it be a part of your identity. Check out our design and become a part of Hasla you too.
In addition to our modern designs, we create traditional pieces at our workshop carrying the brand name Fossensylv.

“My design dna is tangible and continuous. I aim to create timeless pieces of high quality and aim for our jewelry to be worn by generations. How I start my design process is rooted in more than a visual preference, it is about a story. It is about how what we know, our craft, can merge with what we explore, the new concept of a collection. And overall it is all about the collaboration with the silversmiths, and this is what makes my vision come to life.”
Anne Hasla, designer.

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