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Flott justerbar sølvring fra den nye kolleksjonen Elements fra Norske HASLA

Ringen kommer i ulike størrelser men kan justeres en størrelse opp eller ned. 

It looks beautiful combined with other rings from the Elements collection.

Silver ring.
The ring is adjustable 1 size in or out, if you want it adjusted please leave us a comment at checkout.

”I wanted to create a collection with a feeling of Hasla; a collection which carries my DNA and identity, a subtle homage to the mighty mountains at the foot of which I live, and a feeling of fragmented belonging. With Elements, I try to design the feeling of how we seek to be together and connect to each other. Through the Cubist style I wish to visualize the main forms of our lives.”

The Elements collection explores and seeks the main form of objects. The designer wanted to go back to basics, and has let herself be inspired by nature, as well as the cubic works of Cézanne and Braque. They aimed to break the form of objects into facets and represent them in sharp angles, with the main form still perceivable.
The objects were seen from several perspectives simultaneously in order to give a rendering that was as objective as possible. The designer has let herself be fascinated by the way Cubism renders shapes concrete and decoded.


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